Rustic Wedding Pictures in Waconia MN

Courtney and Seth

{Rustic Wedding Pictures in Waconia MN}

Gorgeous bride… ✓

Handsome groom… ✓

Fun wedding party… ✓

All venues decorated cute… ✓

Beautiful flowers… ✓

Surrounded by family and friends… ✓

Power outage in church… ✓

Does one of those seem different than the rest? That’s right… due to a storm there was not any power in the church for Courtney and Seth’s big day. While there may not have been any power, the candlelit church made for a sweet and intimate setting. This picture-perfect couple is absolutely adorable, fun, and so sweet! The love they share is sincere and true. Courtney and Seth were surrounded by a fun wedding party and so many of their family and friends. The color theme this couple chose was beautiful and the rustic decor was charming! And since I am a dog lover, I could not help but share the “from our Doggy to yours” table… too cute!

Congrats Courtney and Seth!

The church wedding pictures were taken at Faith Lutheran Church in Waconia, MN. The wedding reception was at Cologne Community Center in Cologne, MN.

 Courtney_and_Seth_0001 Courtney_and_Seth_0002 Courtney_and_Seth_0003 Courtney_and_Seth_0004 Courtney_and_Seth_0005 Courtney_and_Seth_0006 Courtney_and_Seth_0007 Courtney_and_Seth_0008 Courtney_and_Seth_0009 Courtney_and_Seth_0010 Courtney_and_Seth_0011 Courtney_and_Seth_0012 Courtney_and_Seth_0013 Courtney_and_Seth_0014 Courtney_and_Seth_0015 Courtney_and_Seth_0016 Courtney_and_Seth_0017 Courtney_and_Seth_0018 Courtney_and_Seth_0019 Courtney_and_Seth_0020 Courtney_and_Seth_0021 Courtney_and_Seth_0022 Courtney_and_Seth_0023 Courtney_and_Seth_0024 Courtney_and_Seth_0025 Courtney_and_Seth_0026 Courtney_and_Seth_0027 Courtney_and_Seth_0028 Courtney_and_Seth_0029 Courtney_and_Seth_0030 Courtney_and_Seth_0031 Courtney_and_Seth_0032 Courtney_and_Seth_0033 Courtney_and_Seth_0034 Courtney_and_Seth_0035 Courtney_and_Seth_0036 Courtney_and_Seth_0037 Courtney_and_Seth_0038 Courtney_and_Seth_0039 Courtney_and_Seth_0040 Courtney_and_Seth_0041 Courtney_and_Seth_0042 Courtney_and_Seth_0043 wedding photographer in carver county mn

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