5 tips on deciding what to wear for your family portrait session | Victoria MN Family Portrait Photographer

Do you need help in deciding what to wear for your family portrait session?

Here are 5 tips to help you through the “harder then you would think” process of choosing your outfits:

1) Choose one piece of pattern clothing and base the rest of your families wear on that. I love how one pattern really adds a lot to family photos.

2) Think about the location your photos will be at. For instance…if we are surrounded by grass and trees you may not want to choose a green that clashes with the green around you.

3) Accessorize….I love accessories in photos! Just don’t overdo it. Add necklaces, scarves, colored heals, hats for little boys, etc.

4) Please, please, please do not have everyone in the family wear the same color (white, black ,etc). When everyone wears the same color you either blend together far too well or you really clash because the whites are different. It’s absolutely ok to have white as the main color but then add another color that goes well with it. Same with black….I like black but it looks better if you add gray or another dark color to go with it.

5. I’m more than happy to help you out. Feel free to contact me to ask for help or send me a picture of what outfits you have put together. I love helping families with deciding what to wear!

Here is a color coordination chart that seems to have really helped families in the past.

color coordination clothing chart for help in deciding what to wear for family portraits victoria mn family portrait photographer

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