How far in advance should I book a session with you?

I would strongly recommend booking out 3-4 weeks in advance. If you are thinking about a fall session then I would recommend booking out 4-6 weeks to make sure you are getting a date that works for you.


Do you have a studio?

Yes I have a studio that is located in Victoria. It is in the same building as the red ice cream shop “The Social”. The address is 1700 Steiger Lake Lane Suite #210 Victoria, MN 55386.


What should we wear for our family session?

What you wear can play a very important part in pulling your family pictures together. Click here to read a blog I posted with a picture attached to help you decide on what to wear.


When do we get to meet to view the pictures from the session?

Approximately 2 weeks following your session we will meet again. At this time you will view your photos and place your order. We will meet at my studio where you can see samples of the most popular products and also my personal favorites.


How much does the average person spend on a portrait session?

The average amount spent including the session and products received is typically between $450-$1100


Are digital images included in your session fee?

 No, they are not. Digital images can, however, be purchased separately.


Why don’t you include digital images in the session fee?

 The 3 biggest reasons are:

1) In the past I include digital images on cd and after hearing over and over again that MONTHS or sometimes even a YEAR later my clients told me they received multiple compliments on their pictures but still needed to get them printed out. To me that is NOT ok. If you hire a professional photographer you do it for a reason not just to have your photos thrown in the drawer. I then decided it was my responsibility as their photographer that they would receive a final product in their hands and ready to hang.

2) Technology changes but high quality prints, canvas, and albums stay around forever. It won’t be long that computers will no longer have a cd drive and what if the only place your storing your digital images is on your computer and it crashes? Technology is constantly changing but it’s the prints that will be passed on for generations.

3) I do agree that it’s fun to share your photos on Facebook and other social media sites, but let me do it for you! I post sneak peeks that you can share. You also have the option of purchasing a mobile app that includes all your digital images that can be shared to social media as well. It’s pretty awesome!


How do I sign up for your newsletter to receive details about your events and giveaways?

Well actually you can sign up by clicking here.